• KlippaKan is available in a 4 or 6 pack option.
  • Branded to your specifications.
  • KlippaKan allows you to display your unique and beautiful cans in the retail fridge without taking the focus from your branded cans.
  • KlippaKan also compliments your cans in the fridge giving you a three-dimensional view of your branding.
  • Fits into existing RSC.
  • Fully printable with graphics of your choosing.
  • Barcode Tab – your 4 or 6 pack can have the barcode printed on the KlippaKan
  • KlippaKan is made from cardboard packaging and is an alternative to plastic clips.

our features

Shelf Presence

3D Branding

Sustainable Packaging

Fits in your existing RSC

our facilities

KlippaKan and KlippaPly are products of Johnston Packaging Pty Ltd.



We have been in operation since 1970

approximately 50 years producing

quality custom cardboard packaging.